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Clare Estelle is an English singer-songwriter, pianist and author. She was raised in South East London. She has had formal classical training as a pianist & singer. This led her to work for 12 years in TV Audio Post Production as a Dubbing Mixer in London - Soho & for BSKYB.


In 2022 she completed 13 weeks of masterclasses studying music & piano with her mentor Mike Garson (Bowie’s pianist - Aladdin Sane e.t.c.)


Her solo musical style is acoustic, folk, alternative with an ethereal gothic element often compared to Kate Bush. Her songs are poetic, spiritual stories which have a rich use of harmonies with hints of her early classical background. As she has a versatile voice & piano skills she also works on multiple genres through her collaborations with other artists.

In April 2023 she released a book of poetry  called Drifting Through The Celestial Darkness and is now wrting a novel for young adults.

Lullaby for Cherubs FINAL.jpg
Happy Birthday Variation FINAL.jpg


Released November 11th 2023


Happy Birthday Variation

Arranged, performed

and mixed exclusively by

Clare Estelle 

Happy Birthday Mike


Released October 29th 2023


Lullaby for Cherubs

Composed, performed

and mixed exclusively by

Clare Estelle 

Cover Art Painting by Chris Hoggins

Drifting Through The Celestial Darkness Clare Estelle Cover Art .png

Released 5th April 2023


Drifting Through The Celestial Darkness  is a collection of poems and songs written by Clare Estelle. Her heartfelt and spiritual work intimately delves into her personal experiences. Although at times the poems are tinged with sadness they also offer hope, inspiration and solidarity. This is now the first publication of her poems & lyrics. She is currently writing a comic fantasy novel for young adults.

“Refined and delicate, then hard-hitting and almost brutal, an honest work that illuminates this remarkable singer-songwriter.”Michael Kingscote - Author, Neo-Pagan

“There exist certain words, bestowed with a sacred aura, that are not meant to be inscribed on any page nor should they ever cross the threshold of one's lips. Yet, Clare Estelle's latest tome of poetry is not meant to be read, but rather to be experienced through the senses. Its lyrical, poetic and whimsical verse imbues a regal presence, transporting the reader to a world that is meant to be felt.”
3Mind Blight - Author, Musician


Released March 22nd 2023


Like Angels

Written, performed & mixed exclusively by Clare Estelle 


By 3Mind Blight

wicked clare.jpg

Released 30/06/2023

Wicked Game DUB

Music by Actifed

Vocals by Clare Estelle

Music Production By Actifed

Beneath The Stars Final COVER ART 22 Aug 2022.png

Released 23/09/2022

Beneath The Stars

Vocals, Piano & Lyrics by

Clare Estelle

Music Production, Mix  & Mastered 

by 3Mind Blight

Scattered Dreams Cover. Art FINAL FLAT.png

Released 22/02/2022

Scattered Dreams


Written, performed & mixed

exclusively by Clare Estelle 

Mastered with Dolby Atmos

By 3Mind Blight

Photos By Liz Stanton Photography, MUA Saphron Morgan

Clare Estelle English singer-songwriter, pianist

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