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Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas with P.Wasy
my feat. artist track with 3Mind Blight
Pain Won't Go Away
Friendly Fire with
John Warwick
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Sunshine Butterflies
Electric Dawn
Love's Denied
Sacred Night

Released on 22/01/2021


3 track EP by

Deepest Cold Consortium

Featuring Clare Estelle ON vocals INCLUDING a

Remix by People of the parallel

Mixed and Mastered by LGTWO

streaming links here.

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Song Releases

Other Song Releases

Clare Estelle - Electric Dawn JPEG.jpg
HYAMLC Final Art.jpg
Somehow Unplugged FINAL ARTWORK June.png
clare estelle - sunshine butterflies (ap
Friendly Fire Cover Art.jpeg
Love's Denied.png
Sacred Night FINAL ARTWORK 7th oct .jpg
I Will Die In A Dustbin 2.jpg

Electric Dawn - Lyric Video

Clare Estelle on YouTube

Photos By Liz Stanton Photography, MUA Saphron Morgan




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