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Collapse - Deepest Cold Consortium (D2C)

Originally Collapse was going to be instrumental only. But D2C came up the idea to add a voice to the song and have an actress speak over it rather than singing. The track is in the style of a subversive film noir score. The vocals are that of a sensual temptress  alluring yet unstable.

 The dark and dominating electro music is the perfect complement to this intense and powerful story that whips the listener into submission ready to surrender all inhibitions.       

Collapse - D2C- People Of The Parallel Remix

The remix by People Of The Parallel is edgy & industrial. It seems to further embrace the feeling of being on the edge of sanity and breaking free from the confines of normality.

"I'll destroy your sanity,

To satisfy my profanity"


  Collapse for me


  Oh yeah....


  When you lay your body next to mine

 I know your searching for what you'll never find


Collapse and Relax


  I'll be your kitten

 I know you're already smitten

                  I'll destroy your sanity  

                        To satisfy my profanity


               Relax........... it won't hurt you.......much


 When you lay your body next to mine

 If you feel me close to you it's fine




 Collapse with me       


      Mmmmm....... Relax


     Ahhhh............... just Collapse  


 When you lay your body next to mine

 I know your searching, searching thru out time

 You can not handle this 

 I'm leaving you behind (laughter)

           Oh baby....relax


 I'll be your kitten

 I know you're already smitten

  I'll destroy your sanity         

 To satisfy my profanity


 Ohhh.............. Just Relax


 Protect me from this Collapse

     Save me..............You deprave me 

    I'm going to Relapse

 I'm going to Collapse


Mix & Mastering on the Collapse EP 



Collapse - Song Credits

Music Composition & Programming -Deepest Cold Consortium

Vocals & Lyrics - Clare Estelle

Collapse Remix - People Of The Parallel

Mix & Mastering-LGTWO

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Oohh baby......   relax 

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