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I started composing the piano part for Electric Dawn on a chilly wet day during a thunder storm which became the inspiration behind the lyrics and the musical arrangement. It was my aim to bring the storm into the music much like a symphonic poem.

I was able to work again with the lovely Sam Piper from Monkey's Fist who also was on my debut track Somehow. Sam's Irish whistle became part of my wind. His fantastic band mate Simon Ford added Dulcimer to the song (my raindrops) and Darabuka to add to the grumbling thunder. We recorded their parts at Jeff Bruckner's studio. Jeff also went on to co produce and master the track

for me.

Jason Mc Niff a very talented Americana style folk singer and guitarist then added some backing vocals to the track.


Clare Estelle: Lyrics & Composition, Piano, Lead & Backing Vocals, Programming, Percussion, Executive Producer

Sam Piper: Irish Whistle

Simon Ford: Dulcimer & Darabuka

Jeremiah Boothe

(The Hikikomori Pact):

Electric Guitar & Backing Vocals

Jason Mc Niff: Backing Vocals

Jeff Bruckner: Studio Engineer, Co Producer & Mastering  

Alex Alhstrand 

(The Montana Musical Experiment): 

Cover Art

Liz Stanton: Original Photo

Saphron Morgan: Shoot MUA

Electric Dawn


The mix was challenging as it ended up at 143 tracks including the buses. At one point more than that before I had edited all the improvised takes. 

Jeff Bruckner took over the mix towards the end and we also

added locally recorded birdsong

that I captured from my back garden, the rain in the track was also recorded as foley.

It was then further enhanced by the US Indie artist

Jeremiah Boothe from

The Hikikomori Pact.

Jeremiah created the most amazing sounds effects using his

electric guitar. I asked him to 

be the wind creaking thru the

masts of boats. He managed to

produce what we affectionately 

named Whalien sounds which 

were the perfect fit to add to the

ambience of our musical storm.

He also added to the backing vocals and in doing so

became forever lost in the song.

Clare Estelle - Electric Dawn JPEG.jpg

I would like to thank all the talented musicians who helped me with this song. Also I need to thank my dear friend

Alex Alhstrand who created the amazing cover art for this release.

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