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"Recognise Me" - Released 22nd of March 2018

Recognise Me song by Clare Estelle Englist Singer-songwriter and abstract Hungarian artist Monika Popper.

"Recognise Me" 

The concept for this song came from the very accomplished

 Abstract Artist Monika Popper (Paintings by Monika Popper

Do check out her beautiful, spiritual and unique artwork on her facebook page link. 

We co-wrote the lyrics together then she kindly gave me free reign on the musical arrangement and vocal melodies.

It is a love song about the feelings you get when you instantly connect with someone. So much so that they feel familiar, like you have know them before perhaps in other lifetimes. It is an unresolved love song in that it is not known if such feelings will ever be returned. 

Song Credits:

Clare Estelle - Music Composition and Arrangement, 

Co Lyricist, Main and Backing Vocals, Piano, Midi Instrumentation, Producer

Monika Popper  - Song Concept, Co Lyricist, Cover Artwork

Thanks also to Simon Owen Jeffrey, Michael W Bell and Stephen Hope-Wynne for their feedback while I was recording/creating the arrangement. Xxx

Background Art Courtesy of

© "Paintings by Monika Popper"

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