I am a UK singer songwriter. My love of music began as a small child. I trained as a classical pianist from the age of eight with Elaine Korman (a pianist with the Royal Opera House, Opera Ballet at ENO) I started composing songs on the piano from a young age and my musical background was to lead me to study TV Production at Ravensbourne College my focus was on Audio Post Production. After working for 12 years in TV Post Production Audio as a Dubbing Mixer in London, Soho facility houses and for BSKYB. I have now returned to my first love of music and I am recording my back log of songs, writing new songs and collaborating with other artists.


I am releasing my songs gradually as they are recorded, you can read about the production of my songs on my song releases page. My songs are poetic, lyrical stories which evoke a mental narrative while listening to them. I compose on either the piano or the guitar and on one occasion in my sleep, through my dreams. The genre of my music is probably closest to Goth or Prog rock. It has an ethereal, spiritual quality with a hint of my early classical background. I believe music has the power to heal and I am also happy to explore provocative themes in order to bring them to attention. My songs are inspired by my personal experiences, relationships and everything in the world that moves me.

Much Love to all, thanks for dropping by my page. Xxx