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"Somehow" Clare Estelle Released 1st March 2018

"Somehow" a song by Clare Estelle English singer-songwriter, pianist. folk, acoustic, piano, chilled, meditative, gothic, art rock, prog rock, EDM, multi genre artist

This song was conceived and written by myself many years prior to it being recorded. It came to me in the form of a dream in which I heard the song being played in the background, upon waking I wrote the song out. Finally a journey began to record it. The track was gradually built up remotely by myself and other musicians. Inspiration and help came from my ingenious Co-Creative Producer Stephen Hope-Wynne (Steve Hope Wynne) former guitarist from the  WEA signed Punk Band "The Kidz Next Door" 


Backing Vocals and Electric Guitars were added by Stephen, he also took over the mix which led the song in a more experimental and ultimately epic direction. During the course of many prolific and imaginative discussions between myself and Stephen further enhancements were made. First by Phil Smith - heavy dark rocker from (Capa's Jump) in the form of a bubbling double tracked Bass Guitar part. A two part fugal Irish Whistle harmony came next from the adorable Sam Piper (Monkey Fist) check out his extraordinary playing in his celtic, fusion band. Drums came from the very cool dude that is Stuart Hemphill from cult goth/rock/punk band (Actifed) I love their song Sanctuary check the link. Stu's drums gave a huge kick to the finale.


The song "Somehow" is a lament about an ill fated life in which the main character suffers from mistreatment and deceit. The end section of the track needed to climax as she struggles to fight back and to make sense of what has happened to her. This was achieved by creating many overlaid vocals, guitar tracks and a swirling improvised piano part. As this section built, further creative brain storming between myself and Stephen produced an Inuit Style Choir towards the end of the song which builds the tension and an Angel Chorus (mine and Stephen's vocals) to heal and guide her wounded soul. Around this time further much needed help came from the very talented film score composer and music producer Michael W Bell (Aurora Eclipse Productions). He had the task of helping us to mix and clean the 130 odd tracks of vocals and audio. Plus he added a rather lovely Duduk part, a (space ship) Double Bass and a little extra Percussion. He also produced the final track Master. More can be read here about Song Production at Aurora Eclipse Productions. It was eventually finished in Febuary 2018. At last the song can bring peace to a tormented and troubled lifetime. Xxx


Huge thanks to all the musicians who kindly gave their time and inventive energies to this song.

Song Credits:


Clare Estelle - Music Composition and Arrangement, Lyrics, Executive Producer, Main Vocals, Backing Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Some Percussion if it made the cut!!!

Stephen Hope-Wynne - Co-Creative Producer (Genius), Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar, SFX

Michael W Bell - Co-Producer, Additional Midi Instrumentation, Mastering

Phil Smith - Bass Guitar

Sam Piper - Irish Whistle

Stuart Hemphill - Electric Drum Kit


Thanks also to the spirit that channelled this song through me. x

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