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Sacred Night Released 13th of October 2019


Sacred Night is a love song about longing to be with someone whom is distance from you and a desire to overcome the obstacles so that you can be together. It is also about meeting the perfect soul to match with yours that you could happily spend the rest of your life with.


This was another collaboration with Stephen Hope-Wynne (former guitarist with Kidz Next Door) who also worked with me on my debut song 'Somehow' I was joined by Ben 'Ferdy' Ford on this track who played Bass Guitar & added some additional solo guitar lines. Described by Stephen as "Scarborough Fair meets the four horses of the apocalypse". The song contains sensual vocal elements mixed with spooky, atmospheric electric guitars, snatches of distance horns, classically inspired piano playing & pounding drums. Production was once again done by myself, Stephen & Michael W Bell at Aurora Eclipse Productions. Mastering by Michael W Bell. 


Clare Estelle - Lyrics & Music Composition, Lead & Backing Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Executive Producer
Stephen Hope-Wynne - Backing Vocals, Electric guitars, French Horn, Drums, SFX Co-Creative Producer
Michael W Bell - from Aurora Eclipse Productions Ltd Co-Producer & Mastering
Ben 'Ferdy' Ford - Bass & Electric Guitar

Original cover photo - Liz Stanton Photography

MUA for the shoot - Saphron Morga

Cover Design Work - Clare Estelle

"Sign me off I'm lost forever,

Swimming in the love we share,

Cross me off submerge together,

Never coming up for


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