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clare estelle - sunshine butterflies (ap
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Released January - 22/01/2021


Deepest Cold Consortium feat. Clare estelle

D2C is a French Electro project based in Paris with industrial, ambient & SF movie/soundtracks influences


Collapse (People Of The Parallel Remix)

People Of The Parallel

People Of The Parallel is an Musical Artist based out of Nashville Tennessee. Founder and CEO of the LGTWO movement. Was featured in LIFOTI Magazine Issue 9 September 2019. Genres include, EDM, Dubstep, Electro, Dance, Pop, Alternative Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Industrial, Rap.

Current Song Releases

Solo Artist Songs

Electric Dawn

Sacred Night 



Recognise Me

Clare EStelle & The Voublys

The Voublys are a Japanese rock band influenced by 60's 70's bands such as The Velvet Underground & The Stooges

Sunshine Butterflies

Love's Denied 

Clare EStelle & P.Wasy

P.Wasy is a highly accomplished Canadian pianist known for her collaborations with electro artists plus her solo arrangements

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Somehow Unplugged

Clare EStelle & John Warwick

John Warwick is a UK singer/songwriter based in London. He is also one half of the punk duo Treason of the Monarchy

Friendly Fire

Clare EStelle & The X-Friends

The X-Friends are a Canadian punk band influenced by the likes of The Ramones

When I Die I Will Die In A Dustbin

3Mind Blight feat. clare estelle

3Mind Blight is a US multi genre artist which include Rap/Rock/Metal/Orchestral/


Pain Won't Go Away

Tempo RSA feat. clare estelle

Tempo RSA is an African music producer & hip hop/rap artist

Tears Of Sorrow

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